Our Solar System

I have finally finished a design of Our Solar System, I was given the idea by a customer who bought my Map of the World (see their lovely comment below).  Now it’s finished and sent off to Happy Spaces for them to print up onto canvases.  A great idea, lots of research and head scratching required, additional help with things I’d got wrong, thank you to my brother-in-law, but all done!  It was especially fun placing each asteroid and star, as you can imagine!

“I’ve bought your fantastic First World Map and it now proudly graces my 6 year old son’s wall – his brothers are very jealous!  They all love looking at it! I’ve left a review with Happy Spaces and am really hoping you’ll do a similar piece of artwork of the Solar System for the space on his other wall! One of the United Kingdom would be great too!  Please keep up the outstanding work. Many thanks from a very grateful customer.” Carolyn Whitten-Brown

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One Response to “Our Solar System”

  1. Carolyn Whitten-Brown Says:

    I’m delighted to see that you’ve designed a Solar System following my suggestion – it looks great! Please let me know when the canvases become available. Many thanks, Carolyn Whitten-Brown

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