Floor Puzzles and Posters

I was delighted to receive samples of some large floor puzzles the other day from Silver Dolphin

It was a really interesting project, especially coming up with animals that began with the letters, u, x and q (Umbrella Bird, X-ray Fish and Quail).

The three puzzle sets are themed, with insects/bugs, animals and monsters.  The numbers puzzle has the corresponding number of bugs in the picture, so because the snail is sitting on the 7th flower, there are 7 snails to find (each with 7 dots on their shells), 8 ladybirds and 9 bees etc…

The Monsters are decorating with different colours (or colors, as its spelt in America) and the animals are parading along a path. The puzzles are nice and large, we did them on the dining room table so our dog kept off them!

The puzzles each come with a poster with areas to stick stickers to complete the design.

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4 Responses to “Floor Puzzles and Posters”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I love your counting poster! Is it available anywhere as a PDF or poster?? I also love your cute alphabet (with apple, boat, cat etc images) available as a PDF? I’m a kindergarten teacher working on her classroom and love your colors and images!! Thanks 🙂

  2. Laila Hills Says:

    Hi Courtney, There is a poster inside the puzzle set which has stickers that you can add to complete the design, it is available at: http://silverdolphinbooks.com/PublicStore/product/Learn-Play-Floor-Puzzle-123,335.aspx or at Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Learn-Play-Learning-Educational-Activity/dp/1607104245/ref=sr_1_18?ie=UTF8&qid=1356686612&sr=8-18&keywords=counting+floor+puzzle I hope that helps! Laila

  3. click through the next site Says:

    click through the next site

    Floor Puzzles and Posters | Laila Hills Illustration and Design

  4. Laila Hills Says:

    ‘Our Solar System’ is available as a printed canvas rather than a poster, if you would like to order a canvas, here is a link: http://www.happyspaces.co.uk/artists/laila_hills/lh-12-13.htm
    Best regard Laila

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