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A mix of #colour_collective pieces

September 23, 2015

Here are a mix of #colour_collective illustrations which I worked on over the last few months. Colour Collective is a Twitter challenge to create artwork based around a given colour each week. These were for – Blue Grey, Burnt Umber, Orange Lake Light, Pale Pink and Indigo:


New Mix and Match Books

December 2, 2013

These were 2 books which I worked on with Egmont UK for Sandy Creek an imprint of Sterling Publishing. They are Mix and Match Board Books with muddled up pictures to match up in the right order:

Egmont Pig and Train coversBee pageFish pageGold fishStable col artGold fish bowl col artPig in mudThey are available from Barnes and Noble, USA: Does a Pig Sleep in a Bowl, Does a Train Fly Through the Sky. I did all the sketches and colour work for Does a Pig Sleep in a Bowl, and both book covers. Due to work commitments the inside colour artwork was worked up by Fred van Deelen for Does a Train Fly Through the Sky.