Book Launches – Sword to Words by Tami Su

“Sword to Words uses anagrams to show children that they can turn a negative thing into a positive.  By simply switching the letters of disagree, it becomes is agreed.  Real life photographs of the sometimes cruel adult world can change into the happy and carefree thoughts of a child with a simple change in attitude.  Sword to Words can teach people of all ages a valuable lesson.”  Tami Su

I have created the inside illustrations for the positive words with happy, bright and colourful illustrations, a selection of which can be seen here:

Sword To Words is available from, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-million

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2 Responses to “Book Launches – Sword to Words by Tami Su”

  1. June Says:

    What a great concept for a book, and one that might make me feel a little less grumpy and more positive some days 🙂
    Your bright and cheerful images are sure to make this book a hit.
    Well done Laila.

  2. Tami Craig Says:

    Hi Laila.
    Great post – your illustrations look great in the book.
    Thanks for your awesome work and for giving it some exposure on your website.

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